Five Must Do Things Before the Interview

A job interview is not much different from public speaking. Here, you also need to be prepared and confident in answering the questions that your interviewer has in store. When you do your homework, you are more confident during that crucial talk with the HR manager. It’s all right to be nervous, but never forget that you should always keep your eyes on the prize, which is the job opening. Here are five things to consider before the anticipated job interview:

• Be one with your CV/Resume. Know every detail of your CV/Resume. Know every single detail such as the projects you had, the companies that hired you, the schools you attended, and the posts you made. Memorize them, so that you can answer each question correctly.
• Know the job completely. Assimilate the job description. Make it your constant guide and best friend. Study every aspect of it, so you have a better grasp of the skills that the manager wants. Ponder the skills you have developed through your professional years and know how they can be valuable in the workplace.
• Body language should be positive. Your actions should always reflect your enthusiasm and interest in the job opening. Your attitude and your body language say a lot about you as a person and as a professional. You can practice this in front of a mirror or in front of a friend.
• Understand the company. Do some of your own investigation about the company, even if you will be learning a lot about it during the job interview. Be familiar with the company’s culture, mission, and vision through social media and through their website. Interacting with your future employer online is a perfect way to demonstrate your interest in the company.
• Do not be afraid to prepare questions for your interviewer. An interview should be a comfortable conversation and not an interrogation. When your interviewer asks you to describe yourself, answer properly and then be ready to ask your questions. You can ask about the company, the hiring manager’s experience in the c

ompany, and your potential responsibilities.
• Look for more contacts. Take the time to contact your school’s alumni with significant experience in your field. It also helps if you know someone in the new company. You may be able to set up an informal meeting with that person as they might put it a good word about you if the meeting goes well.
Anxieties before an interview will always be there. You won’t get rid of them entirely, but they can be reduced significantly if you prepare well. The more you ready yourself, the more you are in control. The confidence that emanates from you reaches everyone in the interview room, the moment you walk through the door.

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