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Client/Employer Training and Coaching Programs Provided by W.H. Meanor

Listed here are SOME of the Training, Assessments and Coaching programs our company offers companies and individual managers.  In placing the right employee often there are additional steps needed to ensure the success for the company and employee.


In today’s economy and market  EVERY hire is crucial for a hiring manager and company and a MISTAKE can, at minimum, cost revenue and profit and at the other end of the spectrum lost business and great employees.

Companies/Hiring Managers:

When should you consider using any of the added value services we offer?  If you answer YES to any of the following your company is losing production, revenue, valuable employees input and/or profit; and you should contact us about using one of our set or individually designed solutions to overcome your problem and grow your business.

*  Have a need for a position, but, can’t quantify the desired affect on profit bottom line.*  Have trouble getting hiring manager and team together for interviews.

*  Not enough time left in a workday for hiring manager to look at resumes and/or     interview prospective new employees.

*  Can’t seem to set the criteria for a job description and stay with it – itkeepsgettingaltered, changed or updated by hiring manager or team.

*  Need someone now, but, can’t get decision made to move forward with hire by a set date.

*  Managers juggling workloads, due to downsizing and production and morale is down.

*  Your good and loyal employees are not producing to their capability.

*  Don’t have a good succession plan in place and a method for moving employees intoright position.

*  Vision on where the company is striving to reach is not owned by managers and employees.

*  Individual employees’ personal problems are affecting peers’ morale or production.

*  Great canddiates don’t accept your job offers.

*  Afraid to hire and anger another employee you can’t afford to lose right now.

*  Trouble with teams successfully working together.

*  Afraid to work with an outside solution provider for fear of not having control orknowing exactly what is being done on your project each day.


Sample of Client Company Training Programs:


Train the Trainer –  We will come in and teach your internal staff how to train your employees – a great way to ensure your selected programs are presented to your company’s unique culture and service.


Organization Development/Change Management – This is a vast program that offers a variety of required skills for a company to develop, grow and suceed.  Some of the topics are listed here, plus our trainers can develop specialized programs to meet your company’s unique needs:


*  Leadership Development

*  Leadership and Multicultural Awareness

*  Courageous Leadership

*  Revitalizing Corporation, professional and non-profit initiatives

*  Conflict Resolution

*  Total Quality Performance (Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement)

*  Building a Winning Team

*  On-boarding programs for managers and employees

*  And many others…..


Profiles and Assessments – The programs we offer provide an opportunity for the assessment and reporting, or a complete and dynamic growth through added coaching and counseling.  Many current employees are not producing to their highest level or are not engaged in the company and are ready to leave.  The assessments, training and coaching systems used have proven track records of increasing retention of valued employees, increasing production and reducing loss.  In today’s economy these have become critical factors for successful and thriving companies.


Call us for consultation about your needs and our programs.


Client Company Coaching – What used to be considered a unnecessary program has proven to be a very valuable and useful tool in assisting a manager to fulfill their potential and a company to reach their goals.


Coaching is a fairly new concept to many business organizations, but, the track record of companies, departments, managers, sales people, customer service divisions, C-level executives and remote employees shows increased morale, production, profit and growth for companies that use them and build on these sessions.


Our extensive list of professional coaches bring years of experience and proven track records of success.


Success comes from within – and your team within your organization holds the key to that success!


Coaching is offered on individual, teams, departments and company wide programs.  To get a full description and pricing please contact us.


Providing more than is expected is the rally call in W.H. Meanor & Associates and our trainers and coaches are the best in their fields.  They bring years of experience and strong references of successful programs and coaching that exceeds the expectations of the participants.  Each program offered can be customized to the needs of the Client Company or the individual manager.


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