Iiot. What Is It?

Its been five plus years since the Industrial Internet of Things exploded into ouir world and the IIC was launched. A lot of water has come and gone and a lot of issues have been discussed about the amazing new da of Ai, intelligent machines, connected devices and what it can do for us, but all in all, what do most people really know about IIoT?

The answer is, not a lot

The internet has changed what we do how we work and even how we communicate with each other.
Now those same changes are underway for industries.

For the past few years developers have been focusing on connecting sensors, analytics and building smart systems to change the things that we do.

These connected devices– these systems are what we call the industrial internet-of-things or iiot. IIot will affect industries from the healthcare to transportation to management to warehousing and manufacturing.

The pace of things in IIoT are accelerating. They are changing by technological leaps and bounds. In the next couple of years alone engineer’s from every industry in the world will use the new capability being given us by connecting machine and processes.

These powerful Computing and analytics capabilities will help to save time and money.

What is iot the industrial internet of things?

IIoT has been defined as The Internet of Things, machines, people,amd computers enabling intelligent industrial operation by using advanced data analytics for transformational business outcomes.

Now if all of that sounds like a giant mouthful what it means is the industrial internet-of-things and help us to automate all devices.
It will help us to run Industrial machines in a way that will save us time and money and boost our bottom line. The industrial Internet of Things strong focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data as well as data analytics enables us all to be more efficient and more reliable. IIoT will lower our Reliance on human to machine interactions so that people can operate more safely and more capably.

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