The COVID-19 Crisis: Making Your Time Count

The headlines are screaming that it is the end of the world. It’s a situation that doesn’t seem to be getting any better any time soon and you’re absolutely right to be anxious and afraid of the scenario.

What’s going to happen in the long haul? What can we expect from COVID-19 and what will be left of our society when it’s done?

Smart money is spending the time to attain new skills, new contacts and perhaps even a new job. Even now we are seeing people tackle the quarantine and the loss of jobs in a positive way by taking the time that they would not otherwise have to learn a new skill, to find a new source of income or interest.

How can you better yourself during the COVID-19 quarantine?

Take a class online. There are myriad ways that you can achieve new skills without a lot of financial outlay. One such method is Coursera, ,a project launched years ago that allows people to take free or low-cost classes that give them certificates from some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. You can find some very low-cost classes that give you just a certificate of completion or pay a little under 100 dollars in many cases and get the certificate from the university.

Take a Leadership Course.

In addition to skills courses, there are some free or low priced places you can take leadership classes as well as multiple other varieties of courses that will bring you out of this a better person than when you started.

Find a new job.

Dozens of computer or manufacturing or medical recruiters are out there desperately looking for candidates for jobs that were placed with them well prior to the intervention of COVID-19. Likewise job boards are sporting dozens of jobs that were out there prior to COVID.  It may take a little longer to get you on board, but the simple truth is that for many of us, we’re not doing anything special during this time span, so you’ve got the time.  I can tell you that companies still need to fill roles.

 Take the time to go looking for a new position that you can love, rather than just one that you’re tolerating.

When the COVID-19 crisis ends—and make no mistake—it will end, what will we have achieved during that time when many people lost their jobs, their income and in –according to many stay at home parents—their minds?  Coming out of COVID-19 quarantines better than when we started is not only possible, it’s the best way to advance your career and attain that amazing new job that you always knew was in your future.

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