Five Things You Must Do After the Interview

You got the interview for the job of your dreams at a coveted manufacturing facility. This is the high tech IoT manufacturing company you wanted to work for. Eyes on the prize. Whether you feel it went well or not, the process of landing the job is not quite finished. Too often, people overlook the follow up in their job search strategies, which could be a huge mistake.

Here are five things you should always do after an interview.

As the interview ends, it is important to find out what the interviewer expects when it comes to follow up. Some hiring managers prefer email, others may ask you to call back in two weeks. Make sure you have these instructions as well as the corresponding contact information.

Walk Away

Immediately after the interview, you may want to linger in the area or get right to follow up, but you should definitely get away from both the physical location and the mental space for just a little while. Take a short walk or drive, stop for coffee and let your adrenaline settle. This will give you time to relax and then reflect on the interview.


How did you do in the interview? Was there a question you could have answered better? Did you freeze up at any point? What question caught you off guard the most? These are just a few questions you should be contemplating as they will help you frame further communications between you and the desired company with the added bonus of better preparing you for the next interview. Take the time to write this information down, especially if you didn’t take notes during the interview.

Touch Base with References

Spend a little time discussing your job search and interview with your references, perhaps even sending them a copy of your resume. You want them to be ready with answers when the hiring manager makes contact.

Thank You

Last, but certainly not least is the thank you. All recruiters and professionals agree that a thank you after the interview should be your top priority. This can be in form of email or physical thank you card, depending on the company. This is your opportunity to keep your information at the top of the pile and correct any mistakes you feel you made during the interview. That being said, keep it short and on point, recap your qualifications and thank them for their time.

Final Thoughts

Job searches can be exciting and more than a little frustrating, but if you take the time to adequately prepare for your interview and after interview process you will stand out in the crowd. Don’t overlook key online options such as Linkedin during your hunt for your dream manufacturing position.

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