Direct Hires

Your Partner in Profit


W.H. Meanor & Associates manufacturing recruiters can add value and partner with you in a variety of ways over and above the normal search arrangements adding profit to your company’s bottom line.  Most of these services are available to you free of charge.  We seek to augment the normal search parameters and go to a higher level of service to you and for you.  Did we mention that most of these services are not offered to you by other executive search firms?

In today’s world economy putting into place a new hire in a decision making position in a company or organization is a serious endeavor.


*  The “RIGHT Hire” in an organization with clear goals and objectives can facilitate a smoother and shorter time frame in reaching those stated benchmarks.


*  The “WRONG Hire” can lead to loss revenue, profit and other key personnel in the company.


With these issues in mind W.H. Meanor & Associates goes beyond just the one person needed for the open position, but, to the affected individuals surrounding this person to ensure a smoother transition and quicker assimilation into the new company culture.


These are just a few  of the services we provide to the client manufacturing organizations and new employees when working on a critical open position for a client company.


*  Direct Hires (formally known as permanent hires) – as an executive placement recruiting   company we place middle and upper management managers and C-suite executives.

*  Contract Hires (contract to permanent or straight contract) – we have the capability to provide the same caliber as direct hire personnel for contract hires to our client partners  for short term, 1-12 months, or long term, 1-3 years assignments.

*  Reference Checking – this is done on all candidates presented to our client partners; but, we can also do this as an individual service for companies where we are not working on an open position to fill.

*Background Checks and Verifications – this service is part of our  manufacturing recruiting process for our client partners and includes verification of degrees.  This is a written report.

*  On-boarding 30 day coaching with hiring manager and new employee.  This process is available to our partners when a placement is made to ensure a faster assimilation into the new culture by the new employee.

*  Partnership – Taking a job order from a client partner involves a detailed and thorough process.  For a position to be filled with the right person a true partnership must be established between the client organization and W.H. Meanor & Associates.  Before the paperwork is signed,we will do a thorough background search on the partner organization to ensure we know their business model, industry and purpose.

*  Our 21 step process for filling a position we also have the ability for our client partner to access their electronic file in our system; to pull up our daily activities on their behalf and see reports on their open positions, filled positions and  candidates placed throughW.H.Meanor &Associates, plus more.


We operate in a completely transparent way and there is never a mystery about what is happening on your behalf every day of the week.


*  We also offer a wide range of Training and Coaching programs for our client partners.  Our certified trainers and coaches  are equipped to bring in their own programs, teach programs you have in place, customize an existing program or build a one of a kind training program for you.


We at W.H. Meanor & Associates will  earn your TRUST  every time. We will become your go to “Trusted Recruiter of Choice”.


Our search goal is to unite a company and a candidate to form a strong and beneficial business relationship.  In like fashion to make sure that the family is included in this business equation and is taken care of as well – freeing the new employee to concentrate on company business.


Quality of Life:


Quality of life issues for the new employee mean making the move with as little stress and distraction as possible.  These issues involve the family and finding new doctors, a home, tax liabilities, handling retirement accounts and new state wills, to mention a few; can distract a new employee if not handled in a timely manner.  As your partner, we are here to help minimize this stress and distraction so your new hire can become a functioning and contributing member of your team in a short period of time.