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Part 7 B Intelligent Manufacturing: Manu-Services Part II

Intelligent Manufacturing – Part 2: Manu-Services–Something New or Something You’ve Always Known?

We’ve taken a hard look at every aspect of manufacturing, including the items that are part and parcel of modern manufacturing and how those services have changed. The new label, Manu-services, however is something with which many of us are not familiar. It’s a mysterious new concept, but it really shouldn’t be.

In reality, Manu-Services is one of those new buzz words that is applied to something ages old in order to make it all seem new and much more mystery-filled than it was.

What are Manu-services? Is… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing – Part 7-A – Manu-Services, a new production paradigm?

Intelligent Manufacturing – Part I: Manu-Services, a new production paradigm?

In our previous reports and articles, we’ve examined a lot about the way in which we create goods, ship them, and even how we’re leveraging social media to change the way that the manufacturing industry is viewed. We’ve taken a look at technological progress, as well as how and why the changes in the way we produce goods and provide services to our customers are taking place.
An examination of the services that we are providing and how they play into the manufacturing process, as well as how they affect… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing Part 6: Leveraging Social Media

Intelligent Manufacturing – Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand and Even to Rescue It

Today there isn’t a major brand out there that isn’t leveraging the power of social media and trying to build their brand in that way. Tinu Cherian Abraham, described his own experience with major manufacturers and their methods of influencing their market. He shared a story of how Mercedes of India helped him to realize his dream of driving a Mercedes. This gave brand recognition and positive PR to the Mercedes Group, but that isn’t all that social media can do for us today.

Major… Continue reading

Business Growth: Outsourcing your manufacturing

The goal of every business owner is growth. One of the main reasons that you decide to undertake the challenge of developing a business is to create a venture that can improve your life. As your enterprise begins to expand, you will have to make some difficult decisions. One of those might be the need to establish a manufacturing process where outsourcing could be a possibility.

Outsourcing business processes is getting very popular today. But did you know that you can also outsource a manufacturing process as well? Basically, you can ask another company to manufacture your product on your… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing Part 5: 3-D Printing

Intelligent Manufacturing: 3-D Printing

The Factories of the Future-Already Operational and Making a Difference
There isn’t a technology out there that has had more buildup and more hype than 3d printing. The reality is that quite likely three dimensional printing is all that the hype says it is and quite likely more. 3 Dimensional printing has the ability, over time, to change the way that we accomplish things and to make lives easier.
3 Dimensional Printing-an Overview

Three-dimensional printing is by no means new to us. It’s not yet commonplace, but it’s been working for us for years and has… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing Part 4: The Industrial Internet

The Factories of the Future-Already Operational and Making a Difference

The industrial internet is a phrase that is being used quite a lot lately, but one with which many people are not conversant. What is the industrial internet? The answer is found in a lot of the new technologies being created and used to facilitate a diverse array of manufacturing and online use. New technology is allowing us to create amazing machines that are made possible by intelligent data and machinery in concert. This cooperative effort of machine and data are changing the way that we work, live, and even… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing, Part 3: The Factories of the Future

The Factories of the Future-Already Operational and Making a Difference

The factory of the future appears to be making its way into the here and now. Just as Captain Kirk and the trusty team of the Enterprise had their own method of recording and analyzing all of the data that was available to them, the factory floor of today has the same capabilities and they are growing by leaps and bounds.

The Factory floor of an intelligent manufacturing factory may look a good deal different than what many of us are accustomed to seeing. Personnel moving here and there, machine… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing, Part 2

Intelligent Manufacturing: Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

The manufacturing industry has been changing dramatically over just the past few years. Advancements in technology have been rampant and the newest machines being built require absolute precision. The only way that we can get that today is by the use of intelligent manufacturing.

Absolute accuracy and efficiency are required by many of today’s factories. The existence of the automotive industry as an example is dependent on their ability to provide for safety and accuracy in their automotive manufacturing and building. Who is, after all, going to buy an automobile that isn’t guaranteed… Continue reading

What is Industry 4.0?

It may surprise you to learn we’re in the fourth industrial revolution. The first is the one we hear most about as it was the shift that countries made from simple farm lands to actual industrial production of products. The world began to thrive and evolve. But the evolution process didn’t stop there. It actually continued and with each upgrade, there are new opportunities for employment.

Mass production marked the second industrial revolution. It was at this time that electricity helped to propel the process and ensured that more products could be created within a fraction of the time… Continue reading

Intelligent Manufacturing, Part 1

Last week I introduced everyone to our 8 part series on Intelligent Manufacturing and as promised here is the 1st article in that series. As with everything it is always good to start at the beginning and with that in mind we discuss the Plug & Play Factory.

It may seem that advances in new manufacturing technique are recent, it all began back in 1996 with NEMI (National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative) and from that the Plug & Play Factory concept was born. It is also important to note that the Plug & Play Factory is not a new type of… Continue reading