Temporary Project Hires

Your Partner in Profit

Temporary Project Executive Hires (Contract Hires):In today’s business climate it is very common to use temporary or contract experts- giving companies and candidates an opportunity to:

1.  Choose a more flexible way of employment.

2.  Give a candidate an opportunity to work a specified period of time or on a specific project and decide if the company culture, goals and ethics match their own.

3.  Give a company an opportunity to observe a candidate’s contribution, skills and assimilation in the team’s culture and projects completion.

4.  Allow a company to add a professional within the budgets of the company.

5.  Allow more opportunity for a company to show a profit in a tight or uncertain economy.

6.  Allow a company to use the expertise of a more experienced worker – who does not want to be tied to a direct hire (permanent) position.  Using their mentorships to teach and help develop less experienced workers already in the company.


We understand both direct hire and contract/temp to hire issues and positions for middle and upper management positions in the industries and areas we work.  We are set up to handle the payroll, qualifying and more – partnering with and allowing the company Human Resource department to concentrate on company human capital issues with salaried employees.


We can handle any manager position a company has in the contract hire division currently from the President down to the line supervisor – in the United States and internationally.