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We firmly believe that a good partnership can only be built on long-term business relationships. We therefore must understand exactly what working for your company requires so that we can provide you with good service.

This is also the reason why we specialize in just a few industries. We must understand the relevant industry to truly be able to provide the proper recruiting service

Find out more about our staffing specializations or check out our reference list to find out who our clients are and what they think of us.

How Do You Know You Need Our Added Value Services?


If you answer YES to any of the following your company is losing production, revenue, valuable employees input and/or profit; and you should contact us about using one of our set or individually designed solutions to overcome your problem and grow your business.


*  Have a need for a position, but, can’t quantify the desired affect on profit bottom line.

*  Have trouble getting hiring manager and team together for interviews.

*  Not enought time left in a workday for hiring manager to look at resumes and/or interview     prospective new employees.

*  Can’t set the criteria for a job description: continuously altered, by hiring manager.

*  Need someone now, but, can’t get decision to move forward with hire by a set date.

*  Managers juggling workloads, due to downsizing – production and morale are down.

*  Your good and loyal employees are not producing to their capability.

*  Don’t have a good succession plan i for moving employees into right position.

*  Vision on company success is not owned by managers and employees.

*  Individual employees’ personal problems are affecting peers’ morale or production.

*  Great canddiates don’t accept your job offers.

*  Afraid to hire and anger another employee you can’t afford to lose right now.

*  Trouble with teams successfully working together.

*  Afraid to work with an outside recruiter for fear of not having control or knowing exactly what is being done on your project each day.