The job market has tightened up and it’s among the best that has been seen in years.  The 2017 Regional Hiring Report, undertaken by Execu|Search Group shows that the job market is markedly improved and that employees finally are beginning to get the upper hand in the job search.

If you’re looking for the best job that you can get, it’s still going to be helpful for you to determine what the employer is looking for in order for you to pinpoint the best way to meet their needs and nail down that new job—or—in the case of the recruiter, to give them the best candidate that you can?

Every employer is looking for a quality and qualified candidate, that’s a given. Since we already know that, make it simpler for them to find the person they want.

  • Network broadly and make friends in the areas in which you want to work. If you’re an independent, work with a recruiter that is well known for their quality candidates and positive search completion.
  • Do your best to ensure that the resume and online profile you are using gives the employer the exact skills and results that were achieved in the current job.
  • Showcase your skills with real and tangible examples of the work by describing what may have been done and what the outcome was on the job.

Execu|Search’s report also said that employers plan on working harder on employee retention in the immediate future. That means that the employee really is holding the upper hand so far as getting and keeping a job. Manufacturing Recruiters and employees can benefit from this in multiple ways.

Aim for 2-3 or more prospects at the same time. Since attaining a strong candidate and retaining them is a big issue for employers, don’t focus on simply one employment position. Really look over what the possibilities are and how you can leverage your skills for a better salary or employment package.

Keep in mind during all of this  that job searches and job attainment is about personalities and best fits so make sure that you’re a good fit for the positions that you are entertaining  as well as a good fit for the company.

Be friendly and open minded. It’s not about being best buddies with the recruiter or the employer but people do tend to hire those with whom they want to work and with whom they have a good relationship. Try to be that person if you can.

If you are an employer facing these issues of and need to attract & retain top talent or you are looking for that next career opportunity, we will assist.  Schedule a 15-minute triage call today and discuss what can be done to take you to that next level.

James Kemper is the president of W. H. Meanor & Associates, an executive placement & training company specializing in engineering & manufacturing careers.  He can be reached at: or 704-372-7640 #102 or visit at