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Our list of open positions is updated on a regular basis and includes both direct (permanent) and contract/temporary positions.
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If you are interested in working for or with us, we would love to hear from you. Call us at 704-372-7640 or use the Contact Form to make an appointment. Please bring the following documents to your appointment:Resume

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Most frequently asked questions.


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1.  Do you charge a fee for any of your services?
No, this service is free of charge to the candidate because our fee is paid by the employer.  The employer hires us to find their new employee.

2.  How are the jobs placed?
After being on file with us and completing our qualification process, we compare your qualifications to existing and new Partner Client requests. If your profile matches the requirements of our Partner Clients, we will contact you, make sure it is a position you are truly interested in and ready to move forward toward the interviews.  There are several detailed steps during this process as most of our hires are direct (formerly known as permanent hires) and from $60,000 base salary and up.  Our Partner Client Companies pay us to fill their most difficult open positions.

3.  Do I have to take any job?
No, it is up to you whether you take the job or not.  But, this is one of the qualifying steps that MUST be agreed upon at the offer stage from the company.  Once you accept an offer of employment – you are committed.  Committment means that the following have been set – date of resignation from your current position, salary, benefits, title and first date of work at new employer – plus any other item agreed upon in writing is binding on the candidate and the new company of employment.

4.  How long do the jobs usually last?


Depends on whether it is a contract/temporary position or a direct (permanent) hire.


Contract/Temporary Hire:  It usually set for a specific period of time or a specific project completion.  In either case this is negotiated at the time of the offer and many of them will also have a clause allowing for extensions or direct hires at the end of the agreed upon time.


Direct Hires:  These are what we used to call permanent hires and the individual becomes an employee of the company long term.  These employees have a vested interest in the companie’s success and culture.  These positions normally offer benefits for the employee – based on each individual companies programs.