What Covi-19 means to manufacturers

COVID 19 has introduced a vast array of challenges for the industrial or manufacturing company. Those who rely on manufacturing understand that this isn’t a work from home thing that can be carried out in a remote way. About 90 percent of the manufacturing community knows there will be negative ramifications to their business.

A recent survey from the National Association of Manufacturers says about 80 percent feel they will be impacted negatively and that was more than a month ago. The impact is now dramatic and very real. Many major industries have closed their doors and the manufacturing sector which is one that employs more than 13 million workers in the United States, is losing ground dramatically. Companies from clothing to food prep are warning that the supply chain is broken.

Safeguarding workforce health as well as consumer health is first and foremost in our minds. Many closures could continue to be necessary manufacturers in areas that are being hard hit by the virus, such as in Grand Island Nebraska and areas like Louisiana.

Companies such as meat packing plants are seeing a dramatic rise in the cases of Corona virus.

What predictions are we making for post corona?

Automation technologies will take hold such as they never have before and be used to prevent problems in the worker ranks.

Robotics will be up and coming in the supply chain, helping companies to get products to market and delivered.

Tele-medicine will be used more than ever before in order to protect both patient and health care workers

Industrial internet of things will be used more fully than before and embraced by companies to decrease worker density.

The United States will come through the COVID 19 crisis intact but not without some measure of economic and worker woes for several months to come. What are you thoughts on how things will shake out?

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