Training & Development Webinars

Kickstart 2015

This is our webinar in January of 2015 for folks to really take charge and kickstart their career into high gear.  It’s very informative & worth 30 minutes of your time.



AJ Jorgenson the Director of Marketing for The National Association of Manufacturers was our guest speaker.  She spoke on the things that manufacturers need to do to better develop their talent funnel.  There is a skills gap in the US and it is incumbent on everyone to maximize their efforts.  Of course the best option is to hire WH Meanor & Associates.

Dr Uma Gupta: How to Succeed in the New Economy

This one hour video is a follow up to what A.J. Jorgenson spoke about on developing your talent pipeline.  Dr. Gupta goes in to great detail on things that employers and candidates need to do now if they want to get ahead and succeed in this new landscape.  It is deeply fascinating.

Trend Getting Being on the cutting edge through discover vs innovation

This was done on purpose.  Sherre DeMao, like Dr. Gupta spoke on how you needed to rethink your strategy to succeed.  These two complimented each other and didn’t contradict.  Trend Getting is about discovering that which you have already at your disposal and not reinvinting the wheel just because that’s the fashionable phrase.  Sherre is a national speaker and trainer and this is a fascinating talk.

The state of the Global & US Economy 2015 from Wells Fargo