WorkWise: Greater professionalism in an easier job market

Job-hunting isn’t like what it used to be. Feelings of desperation have no place. You’ll become more human – more like yourself – and free yourself to be more professional by becoming aware of values, fine-tuning your self-knowledge, standing out with recruiters and interviewing with a new strategy.

Recognizing a company’s values should help you decide if you belong there. Hunt for “what gets people up in the morning wanting to come to work and make a difference,” advises Jason Korman, CEO of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group LLC ( in Miami Beach.

Help them see that you’re qualified. “Demonstrate that you believe what the prospective employer believes and values,” he continues. “You’ll get jobs you may not have thought within striking distance.”

Employers may be more willing to negotiate than in the past. Know what you want to negotiate, advises Miki Simon, founder of IamBackatWork ( in Boston. Simon’s advice for women returning to the workplace applies to everyone.

“What’s important to you?” she asks.“Compensation? More paid time off? Working from home?” That knowledge prepares you to “negotiate smartly,” she remarks. “Get them to want you first, make you an offer and (only then) step in to negotiate.”

If you’re using recruiters, stand out. “Try all of the ones related to your industry,” says Fred Coon, Chairman and CEO of Cooper & Coon Inc. (, a human capital strategies company headquartered in Phoenix. “Be persistent. Send a NEW idea or thought every two weeks.”

As the window into a company, in-depth preparation for interviews signifies professionalism. Adriana Llames, CEO of ExecuCoach LLC ( in Indianapolis, Indiana, says that smart interviews begin with extensive “preparation and research to ask informed questions.”

Take another step. Be proactive. James Kemper is president of W.H. Meanor & Associates Inc. (, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He recommends, “Take control. Don’t be passive, sitting there politely, answering questions. Use examples of projects or issues in the past. The majority of questions interviewers have are on these topics. Prepare a five-minute presentation of who you are, what you do and why you’d be their best choice.”

Give handouts or a virtual presentation. Guide decision-makers to questions based on what you offer.

“This tactic is doubly important for engineers, because projects need to be pitched and results explained,” Kemper points out. Even if your presentation isn’t stellar, it will convey the professionalism of doing more than most.

Tell employers that you’ll happily learn something new and be a team player, says Darlene Corbett ( of Holden, Massachusetts. Today’s employers look for the professionalism conveying knowledge about a company and what it wants. Greater professionalism becomes a bridge to a promising job offer.

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James Kemper and WH Meanor Company Announces Newly Updated Website

Manufacturing Recruiter Announces Revamped Site Offering Improved Features and Speed as w


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ell as GDPR Compliance

HILTON HEAD, S.C.June 25, 2018  WH Meanor today announced the launch of a new and more mobile friendly website. This newly redesigned site offers an improved navigation and faster speeds for the mobile user and will facilitate finding the information that prospective clients need.

In addition, the website, WH is fully compliant with the  GDPR  recently enacted by the EU and the UK.

WH Meanor  is one of the leading recruiters of executive candidates for leadership positions in AI in manufacturing, ML in manufacturing and IoT in every facet of manufacturing.

In addition to more rapid dissemination of current company news, the new site offers fast and easy access to information that the customer requires to evaluate the company and their methods. It adds features to help the client and prospective client determine which type of recruitingis a good fit for their business.

According to James Kemper, President of WH Meanor, “We believe that the new site will assist our visitors to more readily find those things for which they are seeking and will allow them a better experience so far as finding information that they need.

As WH Meanor continues to grow and to increase our presence in the manufacturing and recruiting marketplace we will continue to find better ways to recruit and to innovate as well as to help our customers to save money and time.”

He added “WH Meanor  is committed to helping the manufacturing industries  operate more efficiently than ever.

We are continually adding industry-relevant articles and videos to our new website to be an even more valuable resource for the HR and manufacturing arena”

The  website will be updated regularly with helpful blog articles as well as PDFs and other informational communications. Companies and individuals are encouraged to sign up for the biweekly newsletter to receive news  and company  activity.

For more information or to view the new website offerings, interested parties may visit To learn more about the products or to interview Mr.Kemper, he may be reached  via email at