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Your company deserves the best staffing that you can get. Isn’t it time to push the boat out and hire an expert to make that happen.

Statistics show us that “in house” hiring managers don’t always have the time or the experience to grab the best staff out there and to engage them until that final on board happens. Recruiters will often have a more sales-focused mindset which helps them to  get the job done more quickly and more effectively.

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Your business is unique. Your staffing strategy has to be unique as well.  With WP Meanor, you’ll discover how your company can stand head and shoulders above the rest and how we can market your business to bring you in that top 10 percent that you’re looking for.


Recruiting isn’t a stand alone service. To get the staff that you want, you’re going to have to  sell your company to the right people. That’s where we excels. At WH Meanor Recriters we use a holistic mindset to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

WH Meanor Recruiters  will assess your company and determine how best to market your business to the people you most want to hire. 

Our free strategy session will let you share your goals, your ideas and your timeline so that we can make things happen for you.