Training Programs



For the candidate in today’s market a wrong move can cost him/her career growth, income and unhappy loved ones.  Are you having a problem with any of the following issues?  If you answer YES to any of them we can help you through one or more of our programs.


We work these programs with any candidate – even if they are not in the industries or level of employment we specialize in.


Are you having problems with any of these?


*  Submitting your resume, but never hearing anything back from the employer or sitesubmission contact.

*  Cover letter does not help in getting your resume reviewed.

*  Not sure you want to continue in the industry you have been in or are currently working innow.

*  Your work/life balance is not working together and causing friction with your loved onesand/or co-workers.

*  In this economy you don’t know which way to turn to move beyond your current situation.

*  Need help after being laid off in knowing how to survive and thrive with the income you havefrom severance or unemployment.

*  Make it to the phone interview or even an on-site interview and then nothing else.

*  How to discern a job offer from a career advancement move.

*  Don’t really know what are your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to advanceyour career and balance your life.

*  Currenty going through a life changing event that has you sidetracked and need help gettingback on track.

*  How to overcome or use your handicap to move forward in your career.


If you answered YES to any of these – give us a call today!


W.H. Meanor & Associates has always been committed to working with candidates to improve their lives.  As the business world has become more complex we realize that there are many aspects of a new position that leads to additional needed services.  Through our professional recruiters, staff and trainers we strive to assist you in various ways such as:


Candidate Training Sessions:  Step 1


*  Group Career Counseling:

These sessions are handled as webinars or teleconferences once a week in six (6) to

eight (8) sessions that last 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of questions.


*  Resumes:

They are your key to the interview – is yours getting you interviews or no responses?


*  Preparation & Coaching for the Interview:

How to prepare information, what to know, questions to ask, presenting your strengths,and more.  Also includes follow up steps and practice interview with a W.H.M. in-house recruiter.


*  How to Search for a Position:

How to find open positions not on job boards, get names and contact information and how to promote yourself.


*  Review and Coaching on Employment Offer: 

How to assess the true value of the offer, not just the salary, negotiate, accept or reject and required follow up.


*  Career Path Package:

Includes entire group of sessions including the webinars and teleconferences.


Candidate Coaching:  Step 2


We offer individual coaching sessions with our Professional Coaches who are experienced in Business Coaching as well as Life Coaching.  Contact us for pricing and to set up your first session with a coach. Our Professional Coaches bring years of experience and assist in all aspects of your life.  A sample of some of the sessions offered are:


*  DISC Assessment – so you know how you work and what positions will allow you to excel

*  Stress – It is either a motivator or a depressor – how to manage it and succeed.

*  Workplace Coaching – how to work well with others and advance your career.

*  Life/Works Coaching – handles the specific area or areas you desire to focus on.

*  Career Direction Coaching – what do you need, want, have now and where do you wantto go in your career.

*  Plus many more