For Candidates

 W.H. Meanor & Associates has always been committed to working with candidates to improve their lives by placing them in good, solid companies where they have future opportunities for advancement and growth.

In today’s business climate it is imperative that a candidate does not make a wrong move that can cost him or her career growth and opportunity as the market improves.  Knowing this, we have trained and committed Professional Recruiters, Staff and Trainers/Coaches that become partners with you in improving your career path and assisting in various areas tied to a new position or move.

Our Recruiters work with candidates that are serious about their careers and become partners with us through the process.  We use a systematic process to better understand a candidate beyond the resume, their goals and their concerns.  No candidate is presented to an opportunity that has not first been reviewed with the candidate and approved by the candidate for submitttal.  Contact one of our Professional Recruiters for more details.

Our Trainers and Coaches work with candidates in their present positions, out of work and looking for a new position and while in the transition into a new position.  Plus we have experienced trainers that can help you overcome a handicap, hardship or life changing event and not jeopadize their careers.

Our in-house training is designed to move a candidate along in their search for a new position and overcome obstacles they are encountering with their submittals, resumes and more.

Here is one opportunity for you with the workbook “Don’t Interview….Audition”BUT be sure to check out our complete list of training and coaching we offer under the tab Training & Coaching.

Note:  There are fees associated with the in-house and group training and coaching.  Call 704-372-7640  for the schedule of training and fees.  INVEST IN YOURSELF AND YOUR CAREER FUTURE!