What is Industry 4.0?

It may surprise you to learn we’re in the fourth industrial revolution. The first is the one we hear most about as it was the shift that countries made from simple farm lands to actual industrial production of products. The world began to thrive and evolve. But the evolution process didn’t stop there. It actually continued and with each upgrade, there are new opportunities for employment.

Mass production marked the second industrial revolution. It was at this time that electricity helped to propel the process and ensured that more products could be created within a fraction of the time it previously took. This was a golden era that continued until the dawn of the computer. When computers were introduced, industries saw another era. It was during this time electronics and advanced technology could be produced.

With the invention of digital technology, we’ve entered in what is known as Industry 4.0. This is a time where digital goods are produced and sent to people around the world in a matter of moments. This is a time when employment changed to where people work at home over a high speed internet connection with individuals all over the world.

Even the devices that are common in our day to day operations incorporate the internet of things to help them function more efficiently. A doctor who is traveling across the country for a conference can check a patient’s pacemaker to be sure it is functioning properly and even obtain vitals from it. An owner of a production plant can review stock in real time, and even review the output of each of his machines without having to go into the plant. The possibilities are endless, and thanks to these cyber physical systems, it is possible to do more with sensors and a wireless internet connection than ever before.

Industry 4.0 has also introduced us to massive amounts of data, and new analytics that allow better deciphering of information. Many countries are embracing the idea, and have started to promote the Industry 4.0 name. In the United States alone, we find the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition is at the forefront of this, and working to help to ensure that those working within Industry 4.0 are all on the same page. They have also helped to push both software and technology further to ensure that Industry 4.0 continues to meet the growing demand for it.

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