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    The Ever Changing Workplace

    The forces of technology and globalization are rapidly changing the nature of work. Savvy job seekers know that they need to prepare for these predicted workplace developments.

    In the changing job market you must both anticipate changes as well as prepare in an organized yet flexible manner.

    Flexibility , training , education and most important preparation with all of these factors as well as psychological preparation of yourself and your mindset .

    What are these changes that are occurring for you to constantly observe and anticipate in your ongoing preparation in this ever changing employment market ?

    1) Technology will continue to advance and will affect how, when and where business is done; the pace of work: and how people communicate.

    2) The global economy will continue to result in some jobs being outsourced to other countries and will lead to more mergers, and management changes. Resourcefulness, adaptability, and efficiency will be essential for workers to succeed.

    3) International time differences will demand flexible hours and possibly extra hours to communicate to conduct business.

    4) A complex and diverse workforce will require workers to be flexible, respect differences, and work together to increase productivity.

    5) Workers can expect to change jobs about ten times during their working career.
    Managing one’s career is a must.

    6) Small businesses will prosper, and home based businesses and services will multiply. Entrepreneurial skills and attitudes will be important.

    7) The fastest growing occupations are computers , preventive health care , and other health and human services , such as registered nursing , social work , police work and after September 12 security .

    8) Most of the fastest-growing occupations will require specific post-secondary education, on-the-job training, or a bachelor’s degree. Education and training will be especially critical.-

    To gain a competitive edge, today’s job seekers must know about changes like these and demonstrate a positive attitude that shows that they are ready, willing, and able to take on these challenges.

    There are nine success strategies to follow to help you achieve your full career potential. These success strategies profoundly affect career success at every step/

    1) Positive thinking and behavior
    2 ) Visualizations
    3 ) Positive self talk
    4) Affirmation self-talk
    5) Dynamic goal setting
    6 ) Positive action
    7) Assertive behavior
    8) Self-esteem builders
    9) Proactive habits

    These nine success strategies and behaviors are major career enhancers that help transform goals into realizations. Pay close attention to any that are new ideas for you. They provide wide-ranging benefits; you can use them to
    Create and sustain your inner drive
    Increase your confidence
    generate mental and physical energy
    Guide you toward your goals
    Improve your performance

    It is shocking but true: The most qualified person is not always the one who gets the job or promotion.
    The person hired is the one whom the employer perceives to be the most qualified. Your experience, skills, resumes, and more – your entire job search package – are greatly enhanced when you practice these key job search success strategies.

    The employment scene is changing worldwide in a major ongoing way.

    Prepare for your employment career with both analytical skills as well as psychological preparation thoroughly .

  • What the low unemployment rate and high growth means to your talent strategy?:

    With unemployment rates lower than they have been in years, there are some real down sides for employers. Notably the pool of available talent is smaller than it has been in nearly a decade.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “In January, the unemployment rate was 4.1 percent for the fourth consecutive month. The number of unemployed persons, at 6.7 million, changed little over the month.”

    By way of comparison, in 2014, more than 1.5 million jobs were created, the largest gain to be seen in the past 8 years. With so many new jobs and far fewer people scrambling to take the small menial jobs, there are plenty of people looking for a step up. Fast forward 3 years and in 2017 the number of jobs created was even higher, and with far fewer people being displaced than have been in the past 5 years.

    What that boils down to is that far fewer people are losing their jobs. Too, far fewer people are seeking new jobs. Many are happy and staying in their jobs and since tney are not being displaced, that means recruiting talent is a whole lot harder than ever before.

    How can we attract and engage the people that we’d like to add to our pool of talent? It’s going to take a bit more than just adding that extra 20 cents an hour at this point. It is, as the recruiters say, a candidates market and they are taking advantage of it to ask for the things that they want.

    Employers now have to take a hard look at adding things like relocation package for the employee who has a special skill set that could be useful anywhere. Getting them on board will be rough enough on a regular day but if you are talking about having them relocate in order to get them into the new job, then funding that move may be necessary in this market place.

    Paying on a scale that is commensurate with their skills and experience is going to be an absolute necessity. If you don’t they will find someone who will and that leaves your company behind the 8 ball.

    Pay is not the only the factor as on boarding has to be on point too.  It will be imperative to not only make the role well compensated but a situation and an environment in which people want to work.

    In addition, find engagement tactics that will compel your talent and keep them on board as well as engaged until you are able to negotiate a good package deal for them all. The advantage of having your preferred recruiter involved is that they can do the heavy lifting and get the dirty work done so that you can keep clean, so to speak.

    Hiring the right people is imperative in this day and age. Get creative &  make it happen more easily by adding some perks to the package.

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