System Design Sales Engineer

System Design Sales Engineer

The Job

Process Engineer

Where You'll Work

Job Location: Multiple Locations

What You'll Do

– The purpose of the Process Engineer’s role will be to provide technical leadership to operate a major asset at target regarding output, usage of material and energy by meeting the product specifications. To achieve that goal, the Process Engineer needs to establish a process of data collection, auditing and preventive maintenance which allows the identification of deviations quickly and suggests the implementation of corrective measures. RCCA analysis, 5 time Why and the JM Solve-It method or Keppner / Tregoe, a 6 Sigma approach should be applied where needed. Furthermore, the Process Engineer will be responsible for addressing improvements in process efficiency, product quality, and the cost of poor quality for the process, leading process optimization. Together with the electrical engineers, process control architecture will be developed and tuned. In collaboration with the specialists at JMTC, process modeling systems get developed and implemented to further optimize the efficiency of the operations. Based on performance analysis, raw material specifications will be reviewed on a regular frequency and potentially adjusted to drive the expected performance improvement.
• Perform continuous analysis identifying areas for improvement and corrective actions.
• Develop standard control processes and standard operating procedures.
• Defines the process set points for all different product types and creates the associated management tools (e.g. set up sheets in MII, SOP’s …)
• Actively support improvement of safety performance by encouraging safe behaviors of the team and engaging in the process to improve the JM safety culture
• Create and maintain knowledge of latest technologies and evaluate for use in current process and future processes
• Work closely with internal and external resources to resolve technical issues. Shares learnings and findings in a proactive way in the technical community and potentially participates in the JM COE’s
• Work with multiple operations / functions to identify process improvement opportunities
• Provide leadership for process redesign efforts e.g. during rebuilds or major investment projects.
• Lead multiple projects and process optimizations in a manufacturing operation
• Provide on-site support during construction and startup to enhance in-plant resource capabilities
• May be required to perform other related duties as assigned

Must Have Skills

• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related science with a minimum of 3 years of experience in industrial continuous process manufacturing either as a process or design engineer and 2 years troubleshooting on manufacturing processes
• Proven track record of identifying and implementing process improvements (Solid/Expert)
• Demonstrated problem solving skills including complex data analysis (Solid)
• Successful history of innovation and adaptability (Solid)
• Solid project management skills
• Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks (Solid)
• Proven results orientation including the ability to lead key projects to successful completion (Solid/Expert)
• Experience with DOE for process improvement
• Solid interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment (Solid)
• Ability to set and communicate expectations to team members (Solid)
• Demonstrated collaboration skills including the ability to interact with a broad range of employees (Solid)
• Proven ability to make timely decisions (Solid/Expert)
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (Solid)
• Strong leadership skills (Solid)
• Proven analytical and quality improvement ability (Solid)
• Ability to interface at all levels of the organization, both internally and externally (Solid)
• Supervises/Leads individuals or a project team to achieve milestones and objectives by setting priorities and providing direction.
• Work environment is typical of a manufacturing facility: May be exposed to environmental conditions of cold, heat, high noise levels, moving mechanical parts, heights, dust/mist/gas/fumes, extensive walking or climbing, etc.

Tie Breaker Skills

  • Process improvement experience in a manufacturing setting.
  • Experience with taking raw materials and producing a finished product.
  • Experience with quality initiatives and performing trials.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
– Project Management processes and procedures.
– Multi-lingual skills are preferred.
– Demonstrated ability to lead complex projects in one or more areas of a Product’s Life Cycle such as development, certification, production, and customer service.
– Ability and willingness to travel 10 – 50% of the time.
75-85 salary

How to Apply

To Apply for this position, you may send a resume and cover letter to the recruiter via email at