New Manufacturing Tech makes Innovative sneaker design

When consumers choose sneakers, they are always after comfort and performance. Thanks to the continuous innovations in sneaker design, consumers can get more out of their sports endeavors. Here are some of the newest happenings in manufacturing the sneakers that you need:

1. Customized tailoring. Through 3D printing, sneaker manufacturers can create more comfortable shoes that fit the needs of their clients. A customer goes through laser foot scanning while walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes. The information collected helps construct the customized sole. After just two hours, the manufacturers insert the soles into the shoe design the individual customer has already pre-selected.
2. Advanced fabrics. Examples of such highly technological sneaker fabrics are Flyknit (Nike), Primeknit (Adidas), Ultraknit (Reebok), and Evoknit (Puma). Fabric machines are programmed to produce firmer, thin, thicker, or stretchy fabrics, depending on the client’s needs.
3. Smart sneakers. There are also sneaker manufacturers customize their shoes by adding sensors. The shoes have to be connected to an app that would gather the data that would track the client’s progress. This is made possible by microchips embedded in the sneakers.
Choosing the right sports shoes is not limited to what the stores have on their shelves. Discerning customers can now walk out with the shoes based on their needs.

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