Leadership During Difficult Times

Currently businesses and people are struggling and problems with transportation, shipping and receiving and retail sales continue. At the same time others have stepped up and are holding it together. Every type of business continues to see issues. How do you cope as a business or community leader? What steps can you take to help your people and your company achieve growth from this unprecedented worldwide problem?

In every crisis, real leaders find opportunity. As we have seen the past month or so this has been the case. They find opportunity for growth and opportunity to assist their teams and community members to move forward and find a path out of the problems.

Here are some things that you can do to establish yourself as a leader during the COVID-19 crisis and emerge as someone who is seen as a leader by your community and your company.

Know what you stand for and make every action reflect those values. It is about making a difference in the world right now and helping people to cope with whatever they are dealing with on a personal and a professional level. Don’t miss any opportunity to lead and build your brand and show the value of it.

Listen. Don’t just talk at people and offer advice, but really research the problems taking place now and hear what people are telling you is their problem.  Giving them advice that comes from your vantage point isn’t helpful and they won’t take it well. Hear what they are concerned about and empathize with their problems– and then find a way to help them through. Offer suggestions geared toward their fears and concerns not your own.

Be honest in your answers. If you don’t have a good response, find one but don’t just offer people lip service.  They will know it and you will come off as someone who can’t be trusted well after the crisis is over. If you don’t know, say it but then find the answer & follow up. Be clear and consistent in what you say and make it a point to have real facts, not conjecture.

Stay calm and keep moving forward. People are fueled by composure and concerned about lack of lack of it so you must keep yours. If the future looks uncertain, take steps to make it more certain or give people ways to boost their own value and worth during the crisis but work to keep them calm and keep your own composure too.

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