Intelligent Manufacturing Part 4: The Industrial Internet

The Factories of the Future-Already Operational and Making a Difference

The industrial internet is a phrase that is being used quite a lot lately, but one with which many people are not conversant. What is the industrial internet? The answer is found in a lot of the new technologies being created and used to facilitate a diverse array of manufacturing and online use. New technology is allowing us to create amazing machines that are made possible by intelligent data and machinery in concert. This cooperative effort of machine and data are changing the way that we work, live, and even the way in which we approach medicine.

What Does the Industrial Internet Offer?

GE, who is actively pursuing and increasing the way in which the industrial internet can help us to solve problems, says that “New ecosystems of connected machines have the potential to increase efficiency, minimize waste, and make the people operating them make smarter decisions. See how the Industrial Internet is changing the way we work.” In short, the industrial internet makes people work smarter, not harder and allows industry to get more for less expense, less personnel and less effort. It provides ways for us to gain an advantage over our environment, lowering the space that we need, the finances that we need and the resources that we use.
GE says that we will accomplish more by the use of Intelligent Machines that are helping us to work faster. These machines will provide us with improved sensors, increased control, additional software applications to allow us to connect the machinery around the world in networks.

Advanced methods of analysis will help us to combine the power of “physics based analytics” to provide for better results from our efforts. Included will be predictive algorithms, automation and even deep domain expertise.

The industrial internet will also provide for a better work method and a more productive work force. They will help to connect people whether they are working or on the go, supporting faster and improved methods of operation, design, maintenance and allowing us to work to a higher standard and with greater safety than was previously possible.

The industrial internet is predicted to save billions every year on wasted energy, resources and personnel.
Right now the use of the industrial internet is on the rise in Aviation manufacturing facilities but not just there. The Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Power and Rail industries too are getting in on the action. GE Hospitals is currently busy developing new systems. One of those under development is an intelligent hospital robot system. That system will sort and sterilize surgical tools to provide for increased safety to the human workers as well as to the patients.
The world that we live and work in is being made safer, cleaner and more productive, thanks to the rise of technology and the advent of the industrial internet. New jobs and new careers are also arising from those changes that will require less effort and more intellect, making your work days shorter and your labor less. That’s just one of the advantages that the industrial internet has to offer.
If you’re as curious about the rise of intelligent manufacturing and the industrial internet as most people are, there are some great places to find a little more information. One white paper that offers some solid predictions on the intelligent manufacturing process and the industrial internet is found here. The image used above is from this white paper: Pushing the Boundaries of Mind & Machine

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