How Will the ‘Internet of Things Change Manufacturing?

Already, devices like televisions, stereos and of course, computers and mobile devices are able to network with an existing internet connection. From your coffeepot to your car, the Internet of Things is among us and cloud computing is more important than ever. But how will the cloud be used in this revolutionary new technology and how will this pairing make our lives better?

Almost all of our appliances and electronics come with smart technology these days that will need to store and retrieve data from the cloud to be able to use the IOT. Some technology companies are currently creating industrial equipment that will actually collect information, interpret and learn from that information and then take action. In other words, the machine will be able to and ultimately learn how to fix itself.

Of course, the machine won’t be storing the data itself. It will happen somewhere remotely, stored in the cloud in this case. But that could be an immense amount of data by today’s standards. That’s why the cloud and the Internet of Things are joined at the hip, as it were.

Right now, the cloud is nebulous and general, and is just a place to store data so that you can access it from anywhere. But we are already seeing that clouds that have the sole purpose of connecting devices across the IOT  to be used in the manufacturing world. These will be prevalent.  Manufacturing is changing and this is just one way that it will change the face of the manufacturing world.

These machines and other items that are part of the work world are beginning to l both gather and analyze data quickly and respond almost instantly. That means that machines that you might never have thought would need or be able to use smart technology are suddenly equipped with it, and these machines will fix themselves, upgrade themselves and operate much better than we can make them.

The cloud and the Internet of Things must work together so that this new technology can be used successfully. Of course, those two items are actually only two-thirds of the equation. There is at third aspect as well, although companies are already working on the problem – handling Big Data.

The smart technology will collect the information, send it instantly to the cloud where the data will be accessed and analyzed by applications designed for that purpose, and then sent back to the machine in the blink of an eye.

The future of manufacturing is already here. Is your team ready to handle cloud computing and smart manufacturing? We can help with nearly every aspect of building the team that you need to create the factory of the future.

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