Though the logistics and manufacturing fields have long been established yet finding the right people to work in them is always a challenge. That is why manufacturing recruiters are in high demand. Corporations want the knowledgeable and experienced people to work for them so that they could materialize their goals much faster.

Below are some of the collected expert tips in recruiting and keeping the top talents in the manufacturing and logistics industries:

  1. Use social media. If you want to make your audience larger in hopes of catching the attention of the talent your company needs, there is no other better way than to use social media. Younger people and the millennials are prolific users of social media platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you increase your visibility online and engage with more potential candidates, you could very well communicate with your talents in a more familiar manner.
  2. Give referral bonuses. Your present employees can help search for the manufacturing employee you need. Provide them with incentives every time they share the job postings with their family and friends, they deem qualified for the position.
  3. Make time to go to where the potential employees are. Attend school gatherings, conferences, and community events and see if any participant can fill the position you. There are always exceptional people who are just waiting for the right opportunity and the right company.
  4. Be clear about the job posting. The potential employee should know exactly what you are looking for. Avoid being too technical. Instead, search for the right kind of person you want to work with. The new employee should be a hard worker and should be able to get along with you and the other employees.

Millennials are the target of the manufacturing industry. They bring new energy to any position available to them. Companies like yours should know how to draw them in, recruit them, and keep them. This is the only way for any manufacturing company to grow and move towards a brighter future.

James Kemper is the president of W. H. Meanor & Associates, an executive placement & training company specializing in engineering & manufacturing careers.  Register to receive regular blog posts and industry specific articles at: or visit at

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