“We improve lives and companies’ bottom line”

W.H. Meanor Mission Statement



Why the Red, White and Blue combination for W.H. Meanor & Associates logo?
The logo demonstrates the forward thinking of a company with depth, stability, trust and truthfulness.
Blue – indicates trust and truthfulness

Red  –  spurs into action – indicates happiness and prosperity with power

White – signifies cleanliness, royalty and purity
W.H. Meanor & Associates

  • A stable company for more than 30 years
  • Our word is trustworthy
  • Enjoyable relationships with many repeat clients and candidates
  • Decrease in length of time for presentation of qualified candidate to client
  • Every client and candidate treated with respect and honor
  • Depth of business experience from our associates
  • No fluff – Just results


Our History:
W.H. Meanor & Associates was organized in 1971 as an adjunct of the Piedmont Employers Association under the direction of Bill Meanor operating as an executive search company.  The company originally went under the name Southern Management Registry.  In 1974 at the urging of the membership and the association Bill Meanor took the company private, named it W.H. Meanor & Associates and ran it until he decided to retire.
In 2001 Jim and Sue Kemper purchased the right to use the name of W.H. Meanor & Associates from Bill Meanor.  In 2005 the corporate name was changed and it became a majority woman owned business.  In 2007 the company earned the Certified Woman Owned Business through WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council).
Today,  W. H. Meanor & Associates continues to grow and expand services to clients, candidates and the community.


Areas Geographically Served:
Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. we are strategically located with easy access to two major highways, 20 minutes to an International airport and home to many international and major national corporations.  We specialize in the Southeastern part of the United States, but, due to our large companies place people nationally and internationally.

  • Direct Hires for middle to upper managers –Nationally & Internationally
  • Contract/Project hires for managers, engineers and Senior IT specialists
  • Assessments for pre-hire and promotions.
  • Web based reports & interaction review & submittals for employers/Clients
  • Training:  For Managers, teams, executives and employees (see our more detail information under Employers/Clients for companies and Candidates for individuals)
  • Coaching – sessions for Executives and for individuals
  • Webinar and newsletters for industry and government news affecting companies and candidates.


Our Purpose:
W.H. Meanor & Associates’ purpose is to be the valued partner in the complex process of a career transition move for clients and candidates through timely superior results.