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How to Handle Tough Interview Questions

Be Prepared. It’s a tired old cliché in many cases but it works for more than just the Boy Scouts.
Presumably, when you applied for the job, you actually wanted it. That means taking steps to anticipate and prepare for the questions that you may be asked is the best way to make sure that you have a good answer.

Interviewers from top companies in the world stated that the key to making an impression on them was to be ready for the interview in every way.

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the Changing Face of Manufacturing

About two decades ago many larger companies began to move outward, taking their businesses with them and in so doing, damaging the face of America in many ways. The situation today is very different from that even scant ten years ago when those who had not moved out to put their manufacturing plants offshore, were in the process of offshoring. Today, given the many changes, it appears that many of the companies who moved just 10-15 years ago are now considering reshoring, or near shoring and many have already done so.


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