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Working With a Search Firm

When it comes to searching for great talent for your business, these days it takes more than Google. In order to promote and to grow your business, many companies realize that they need an expert in the search field to get the best results.

Executive search firms are not a new entity. They have been used for years by the top companies. Big business knows the value of a good search firm. These days, small to mid-sized companies are learning that as well.

The recent economic issues meant that the search companies lost about 30 percent of their revenue. In… Continue reading

Talent Spotting for 2018 and Beyond

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz –a regulatory recruiter with more than 30 years of experience tells a story about looking for a CEO for a small company. While working with the outgoing CEO he learned a great deal and believed that the man he had helped to hire had all the right stuff.

He was a well thought of professional with the right schools and the right background. What’s more, he had worked for all the right companies. He’d scored remarkably well in every avenue. In spite of all of those things, he simply did not adjust well to the massive changes going… Continue reading

Evaluating Top Potential in your Candidates

In many companies, we’re seeing that more than half of the senior leadership in that company will be eligible for retirement in the next five years. Too many of those people don’t have a leader ready to take hold for them.  They are not yet feeling the pinch of that but they are going to be shortly because there is no new generation of leaders ready to take over.

The problem is finding the leadership that has some measure of proven competency and talent but also which leadership has that measure of potential that we’ve been discussing.

It’s a… Continue reading

Machine learning Essentials

While most of us work with machine learning or Artificial Intelligence on some level, we only have the vaguest idea of how it really works. While, there are plenty of people out there that haven’t even heard of it, most people think that machine learning is a type of software. They couldn’t be more wrong. Machine learning is a set of algorithms that allow an application to collect and interpret data so that it can accurately predict certain outcomes. The process is akin to data mining or predictive modeling. If you have ever ordered something off line, then you know… Continue reading

How to Say NO to Your Boss

A YES-employee is never good. If you are this kind of person, it is so difficult for you to say no to your superiors. You often get stuck with impossible tasks, more work, and fewer breaks. You even find yourself working during the weekends. How can you decline without losing your job?

Remember that good bosses admire and appreciate employees who can say no with confidence. They are willing to listen to good suggestions and find the right solution. You, as an employee, should just phrase and frame your words properly. Below are some of the ways you can say… Continue reading

Five Must Do Things Before the Interview

A job interview is not much different from public speaking. Here, you also need to be prepared and confident in answering the questions that your interviewer has in store. When you do your homework, you are more confident during that crucial talk with the HR manager. It’s all right to be nervous, but never forget that you should always keep your eyes on the prize, which is the job opening. Here are five things to consider before the anticipated job interview:

• Be one with your CV/Resume. Know every detail of your CV/Resume. Know every single detail such as the… Continue reading

Five Things You Must Do After the Interview

You got the interview for the job of your dreams at a coveted manufacturing facility. This is the high tech IoT manufacturing company you wanted to work for. Eyes on the prize. Whether you feel it went well or not, the process of landing the job is not quite finished. Too often, people overlook the follow up in their job search strategies, which could be a huge mistake.

Here are five things you should always do after an interview.

As the interview ends, it is important to find out what the interviewer expects when it comes to follow up. Some… Continue reading

The Differences in Gender in the Job Interview Process

The interview process in manufacturing leadership can be difficult for the person being interviewed. In fact, it can be nothing short of job altering.

For the candidate the differences go without saying, but the same interview that confounds the prospective executive can be a conundrum for the interviewer too. Most of those who are tasked with interviewing the prospects are not aware that different genders differ in the interview process. If you don’t understand the differences you may pass over the best candidate for the job.

Based on your own gender, you may be more attuned to a given style… Continue reading

What the Heck is a Co-bot?

The bogeyman of manufacturing is automation & robotics. You either love them or you really hate them. About half of the manufacturing employees in the world have heard how robots are going to take over the business and they will be out of a job. Nothing could be further from the truth. While some very dangerous or very difficult jobs may be taken over by robotics, for the most part the use of robotics in manufacturing is taking place alongside and with the help of their flesh & blood counterparts.

Those interactions with co-bots, or robots working in cooperation with… Continue reading

A Sustainability Problem in Manufacturing.

If you work in an industrial capacity, especially if you work in manufacturing, there are a few things that you should worry about. Sustainability is a huge worry in any type of manufacturing these days, though IoT is helping a lot. Sustainability can be a difficult task for any manufacturing company due to operating challenges. However, it is still something that should try to be achieved. Different aspects of the business can affect sustainability such as energy efficiency, the role of the equipment, and even saving water. It doesn’t matter how well you are planning from an equipment… Continue reading