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Job Interview Etiquette

Etiquette Rules during Job Interviews

During an interview you need to mind your manners and follow an unspoken code of
etiquette. This is more than your mom’s “keep your elbows off the table.” Business
manners are going to be key, an interview is so much more than what you have to say – it
is how you present (or sell) yourself. If part of the job you are applying for is dealing
with clients or executives from other companies, you can be guaranteed how you act is
part of the decision making process.

Eye contact, you have to be able… Continue reading

How to Recruit the Best Job Candidates

An independent recruiter, recruiting agency or executive search firm is charged with tracking down excellent potential candidates for available job positions. Despite the fact that there are innumerable people seeking positions of employment in the 21st century, it often seems to a typical recruiting agency that qualified men and women are few and far between.

Here are six easy tips that recruiting services, staffing firms, or executive search firms should keep in mind when on the hunt for outstanding potential job candidates in the 21st century.

These tips are equally applicable to companies undertaking their own search without the help… Continue reading

Interview Tips for the Candidate-Be Specific

Be Specific when Answering Questions

Sometimes – or more like every time – you go for an interview, your nerves make it hard
to concentrate and answer questions to the best of your ability. The important thing to
remember is to really listen to the questions being asked. If the interviewer tells you they
want a specific example, don’t answer with a general how you would do something – it is
a surefire way to ruin your chances for the job.

These types of questions are known as situational questions. If an interviewer were to
say to you, “Tell us… Continue reading

Recruiting Issues-Double Checking It All.

Most human resource managers today are limited to providing only the basics for employment verification. Fear of litigation nullifies anything that may be deemed subjective or, more considerably, litigious. Conducting the formal employment verification will typically return little more than the date your candidate started employment, the date he left, and the position he held. You will often find yourself lacking the input needed to make an informed hiring decision. Once in awhileIn fact, at the writing of this article, there was a radio program where the show’s commentator reinforced this principle. The commentator admonished Human Resources Personnel that there… Continue reading

Bulletproofing Your Career

In the not-too-distant past, ascending the corporate ladder assured management professionals of a bigger office, a stronger compensation package and a more secure future. But today, executives are being told: Don’t get too comfortable in that corner office, and don’t buy that fancy new car or boat you’ve always dreamed of – because your job is just as vulnerable as everyone else’s. Evidence suggests that the higher up the ladder you go, the more precarious your position may become! The attitude toward executives and the roles they play within companies have drastically changed in recent years. I’ve seen executives who… Continue reading

When Organizational Change is Required by Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing has become a very popular and widely adopted economic and corporate management philosophy. Companies around the world are starting to turn to it amid political and economic crises even in the most progressive all nations.

Yes, the hard times have extended from the third world countries to the fully developed or first world countries. It is because economies are now led and influenced by volatilities involving oil producers and companies.

Because all industries are practically run and powered by energy, companies seem to not get away from the problems hounding the energy sector.

For almost more than a… Continue reading

The Theory Of Constraints And Lean Manufacturing

The theory of constraints and lean manufacturing are two of the most famous business beliefs that have made an impact to the business industry for years.

Though both popular in the business field, the theory of constraints and lean manufacturing are both similar in some aspects as they are in complete conflict in other views.

Listed below are some of the strengths of the theory of constraints and lean manufacturing:

1.The theory of constraints provides focus to the student in a world of information overload.

2.The theory of constraints provides its practitioners an opportunity to improve their organization by limiting… Continue reading

Getting The Lowdown On The Principles Of Lean Manufacturing

Principles of lean manufacturing heavily focus on the reduction or elimination of waste during the operation of a manufacturing business. It is so important to reduce waste that it even has its own term in principles of lean manufacturing, “Muda” which also means waste in Japanese.

There are seven types of waste these principles of lean manufacturing are dedicated to eliminate, namely:

1. Defects – Having to repair or refurbish the defected product and the time and effort it takes.

2. Processing – Having different add-ons that the customer does not need.

3. Motion – The movement of people during… Continue reading

Talent Spotting in 2018 and Beyond

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz –a regulatory recruiter with more than 30 years of experience tells a story about looking for a CEO for a small company. While working with the outgoing  CEO he learned a great deal and believed that the man he had helped to hire had all the right stuff.


He was a well thought of professional with the right schools and the right background. What’s more, he had worked for all the right companies. He’d scored remarkably well in every avenue. In spite of all of those things, he simply did not adjust well to the massive… Continue reading

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